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Laguna Hills Personal Injury Patients Benefit from Complete Chiropractic and Medical Care


Personal Injury in Laguna Hills

A personal injury can be as minor as sore, strained muscles or as serious as compressed vertebrae and bulging discs. At our Laguna Hills office, we see and treat patients with all types of personal injuries, and we offer management for pain, discomfort and other symptoms. Treatment varies depending on the injury and its severity, although some types of personal injury are more common than others.
Personal Injury Chiropractor

Car accident injury victims often suffer similar injuries, although the abrupt force of a collision is more likely to cause compression of the vertebrae and whiplash. Slip and fall accidents can also cause complications, because the sudden impact with the ground or floor can dislodge discs or vertebrae in the spine. Untreated, a car accident or slip and fall injury can lead to serious back pain, joint inflammation, neck pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines. 


Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Following Personal Injury Increases Strengthening, Flexibility and Overall Wellness


Here at Performance Health Medical Group, our Laguna Hills chiropractor and team of medical doctors can help injury victims who are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, or other symptoms related to injury. We start by determining the type of personal injury that is causing complications and discomfort, and then construct a customized treatment plan designed to accelerate the recovery process and also help prevent future problems.

Treatment often starts with visits to our chiropractor, who uses non-invasive techniques to manipulate the spine and its components until they return to a position of natural alignment. Our chiropractor may also refer patients to supplemental physical therapy treatments -- especially if an injury has caused limited motion range or difficulty performing certain activities. Physical therapy uses a series of at-home and in-office exercises designed to challenge the muscles and joints and improve overall mobility and flexibility.

If you live in the Laguna Hills area and are suffering from a recent or old injury, make an appointment with us for a consultation today. We will work hard to return you to the pain-free life you once knew using gentle, but effective injury management services.


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