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Urgent Care Laguna Hills

Performance Health Medical Group's urgent care center serves the Laguna Hills area with swift, professional, effective care for emergencies or for situations that cause extreme pain or other symptoms without being immediately life threatening. Services include:

Burns - Significant burns call for immediate evaluation at our urgent care center so we can determine the level of treatment required. Burns are classified as first degree (painful redness), second degree (blistering) or third degree (nerve and deep tissue damage).

Rashes - Rashes may be caused exposure to toxic chemicals, common environmental allergens, certain medications, autoimmune disorders or other triggers. An annoying rash can make it impossible to sleep or wear ordinary clothes, while the scratching can worsen the condition and trigger infections. Our emergency room staff can diagnose the cause of the rash and provide swift relief.

Wound care - Open wounds from accidents or animal attacks can cause serious blood loss and lead to infection. Our emergency roof staff can disinfect and close wounds while also providing tetanus shots and/or antibiotics. We may administer rabies shots as well to protect against this fatal brain disease.

Insect bites - Insects can transfer parasites, viruses and bacteria through their bites, so a bite that creates significant pain and swelling should be considered a matter for urgent care. Additionally, many people are allergic to particular bites or stings, setting the stage for a medical emergency. Any bite that gives cause for concern should be examined at our urgent care clinic.

Sprains and fractures - We use state-of-the-art x-ray imaging to view the exact nature of the damage before setting the bone or treating pain and swelling. Quick response with ice, bandaging and anti-inflammatory medications can help a sprain recover more efficiently.

Asthma attacks - Asthma attacks are a frightening and potentially dangerous situation for children and adults alike. We can resolve such attacks by administering strong prescription medicines that dilate the bronchial rubes and relieve spasms.

Allergic reactions - Almost any substance can serve as an allergen, from airborne fragrances or pollutants to common foods. Many Laguna Hills and Laguna Hills residents experience mild allergic reactions, but extreme reactions can create an emergency. Individuals suffering from major allergic symptoms need to seek out our urgent care center for immediate assistance.

Childhood Illnesses - Colic, scarlet fever, chicken pox and other common yet serious childhood diseases require prompt care and treatment. Even a fever can be a medical emergency if the body temperature spirals out of control, in which case we may use injections or other methods to get the temperature back down.

Work related injuries - Many fractures, muscular strains, lacerations or allergic reactions occur in the workplace. Our Laguna Hills emergency room stands ready to receive ill or injured employees.


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Our Laguna Hills urgent care center is proud to work with Arta, Prospect, Monarch Healthcare, Regal Medical Group and Primary Carey Associates as Primary Care Doctors. Our comprehensive care team is available to treat your medical emergency as swiftly and effectively as possible.


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I have been coming to Performance Health Medical Group for 6-7 years and I had my foot surgery and all the doctor's took great care of me. I got better in no time. I also hurt my neck and came in for the injury and the doctor's and staff were so helpful. I'm getting better and very happy with the...

Harwinder R.