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Podiatry is the medical study and practice pertaining to the health of the lower leg, ankle and foot. Here at Performance Health Medical Group, we believe in harnessing the power of multiple medical specialties to provide a well-rounded rehabilitation and pain management experience for our patients. Our in-house podiatrist, Dr. Domenic Signorelli, is a foot and ankle surgeon trained in both medical and reconstructive foot surgery. He understands and knows how to identify disorders and dysfunctions of and related to the foot.

Our primary focus is to eliminate pain and discomfort, and to restore functionality.Patients frequently visit with various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries -- some of which pertain to the foot. We believe that a podiatrist should play a central role in rehabilitation of the foot following an injury. Foot pain following an auto accident or sports injury is almost always indicative of an underlying health condition that needs the attention of an experienced podiatrist.

At Performance Health Medical Group, we use a combination of podiatric care and other medical and therapeutic services to help our patients manage foot pain and make a complete recovery at the convenience of a single location. Some foot injuries respond to a combination of podiatric care and other treatments, such as chiropractic, to balance weight distribution on the feet as is naturally proportionate to the body. This allows the foot to heal properly, while also improving the patient's overall health and spinal alignment.

Podiatry in Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine

Podiatry plays an important role in both sports medicine and physical medicine. Athletes are prone to foot injuries, as running and jumping is a key process in many athletic activities. There are several types of sports injuries that may warrant a visit to our podiatrist. Sprained ankles, for example, are very common among athletes. Though very mild sprains may heal effectively on their own, most serious sprained ankles require immediate attention and treatment from a podiatrist to avoid a lifetime of instability or pain.

Even knee problems may require podiatric assessment. The knees rely heavily on the balance provided by your feet. If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms related to the knee, it may not be a knee condition at all, but rather, a foot injury to which your knees are responding to or overcompensating for. We choose to treat knee problems from a whole-body perspective, rather than focusing merely on the symptoms. Often, a combination of podiatric care and various types of physical medicine, such as massage therapy and exercise therapy, provide natural pain management and effective rehabilitative methods that help patients return to normal physical activities as soon as possible.

If you suffer from frequent sprained ankles, knee problems or have ongoing foot pain, we invite you to visit our office. Our podiatrist will be happy to examine your foot and assess your symptoms to determine the cause of your discomfort. We will develop a customized treatment plan designed to alleviate pain and correct injuries quickly and efficiently.

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I have been coming to Performance Health Medical Group for 6-7 years and I had my foot surgery and all the doctor's took great care of me. I got better in no time. I also hurt my neck and came in for the injury and the doctor's and staff were so helpful. I'm getting better and very happy with the...

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