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We value our patients' experience. If you are currently a patient or was a patient in the past please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Daniel Parker



"Performance Health Medical Group offers a variety of medical, therapy, and Chiropractic services. Dr. Parker and his staff offer quality care in a warm and welcoming environment. Not only do they treat your condition (they have helped heal my foot a lot), but they also treat your morale with a positive encouraging attitude."



"I have been going to Performance Health Medical Group for a slipped/herniated disc condition. Treatment consists of the Spinal Decompression Table, Ultrasound, and Deep Muscle Stimulation. I have returned to my normal every day life since my initial injury. I would definitely recommend them to family members and friends."



"I have been coming here since November 1999.  They have been my primarily doctor and provide me with physical therapy.  They have an awesome dietary program in which I have lost so much weight.  I went from 275 pounds to 160 pounds .  As for my physical therapy, I have had many surgeries in which they referred me to someone else, but I have only come back here for my physical therapy.  My attorney and adjuster have tried to get me to choose a doctor closer to my residence in Oceanside, CA but I, of course, disagreed.  The doctors are awesome, the staff is awesome, and very professional.  Overall they care for each individual."
-Victoria S.



"I am a U.S. Postal employee with severe lower back pain.  I struggled for years with this pain while working and never saying anything.  Finally I had enough and a fellow employee suggested Performance Health Medical Group.  They have helped me tremendously.  The doctors and staff are all very caring and attentive to everyone's needs.  I continue to have pain due to the work I do but with therapy I can continue to work and deal with the pain better.  I always recommend Performance Health Medical Group to everyone that complains of being in pain or gets hurt.  I really don't think I would be able to function at this point if I had not come to Performance Health."
- Tanya O.



"I have been coming to Performance Health Medical Group for 6-7 years and I had my foot surgery and all the doctor's took great care of me.  I got better in no time.  I also hurt my neck and came in for the injury and the doctor's and staff were so helpful.  I'm getting better and very happy with the results.  Dr. Parker and the staff are great!"
- Harwinder R.



"Dr. Parker along with his staff saved me from taking prescription drugs and surgery! I have been a patient of Dr. Parker for 10 years. During that time he has used his famous "Parker Pull," after nine serious back injuries the rusult remains the same, I am cured of every injury i have had; from a bulging disc to the sciatica and degeneration of my upper and lower vertebrae. Each time I have almost crawled to Dr. Parker's office, but when I'm ready to leave the office i feel like "SUPERMAN!!" Before I met Dr. Parker I went to 3 other docotors 2 of which were specialist. I spent thousands of dollars in therapy and nothing was working, I was spending night after night with out sleep. The day Dr. Parker examined me was the same day I was suppossed to see a Neurosurgeon for surgery on my back. After Dr. Parker's exam and the first "Dr. Parker Pull," I felt instant relief, Dr. Parker was able to make me feel 100 times better in one visit then the other docotrs could in 3 years worth of visists. After going to Dr. Parker for a couple of visits and experiencing the therapy he has, I felt like a kid again, which is the reason I am writing this testimonial, I can now come home from a long hard days worth of work, come into my back door and pick up my 3 year old son with confidence that my back will not give out. So, I just want to say "Thanks for having my back and improving the quality of life for me and my family."

We thank you from our hearts and Souls."
-Kent P.  

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I have been coming to Performance Health Medical Group for 6-7 years and I had my foot surgery and all the doctor's took great care of me. I got better in no time. I also hurt my neck and came in for the injury and the doctor's and staff were so helpful. I'm getting better and very happy with the...

Harwinder R.